Using Instagram Story Plays and Snapchat Story Plays To Market Your Business

News 06:05 May 2024:

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Instagram stories and Snapchat stories have various differences that distinguish them. They are also similar in a lot of ways. You can thus be able to use either of the two or both as part of your marketing strategy. This is highly recommended for a business whose target audience is not limited to a certain age group or a certain profession. It is always best to be strategic when using the stories option. You should ensure that you post them at the right time and also an optimal number of times. To determine optimality, you need to be fully aware and have fully researched your target audience.

There are various ways you can use instagram story plays or Snapchat story plays for your business including;

  1. Deliver special offers – special offers often have a time limit. This is a common practice for many businesses. You can upload a story in either of the two sites letting your followers know that you have special offers at your business. You could state that the offer ends after the video is removed since they are only available for 24 hours. Most people will jump at such an opportunity especially if the deals are good and time is very limited. You can direct users to your instagram bio if you are using instagram story plays, where they can click on the link to the offers. For Snapchat story plays you can direct them to your website.
  2. Show off your creativity – For a business you can use stories feature to showcase the different processes for your business. For example, if you are a designer promoting your business using instagram story plays or Snapchat story plays, you can upload different stages of your designs. This often helps create interest in your viewers who end up wondering what your end game is and how your designs will turn out. It also shows just how powerful your brand is and also exactly what your business has to offer and the services it can deliver.
  3. Share a raw or informal peek into your business. This marketing strategy has been used in ages. It is a good way to humanize your business. Uploading pre-edited stories is good but once in a while you may need an unedited story that acts as a comic relief. It could be a clip showing your employees or workmates having a laugh or just a glimpse at how your offices look like on a normal day. You could also some of them to talk about their experience or what it is that they do at the company. It should however be something simple showing just how much fun you all have at work.


When uploading instagram and Snapchat stories as a marketing strategy, it is important that you have the consent of the people appearing in the videos or images. This is especially necessary if they are business clients or civilians.