The Massage Locations Explained: Different Types of Massage Chairs and How To Choose the Right One

News 08:04 April 2024:

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There are many different massage chairs on the market today, many of which look similar. There are, however, big differences between chairs and what they do for the body. Among the biggest differences is the type of massage that each chair provides and how it can help the body. Whether you have owned a massage chair in the back or have never taken the purchasing step, the following are an explanation of the different types of massage chairs that you can choose from on your next purchase.

The All Over Massage

A spa massage is often completed by one individual working on the body. That means that an individual—with one set of hands—can only work on what part of the body at a time. Massage chairs, however, have technological capabilities that can be used to create a simultaneous massage on different parts of the body. There is not an actual set of hands so a massage chair can work on the arms of an individual at the same time that they massage the feet. This, though, is only possible in a certain type of chair.

Full body massage chairs are great in that they offer individuals the chance to get a massage from the tip of his or head all the way down to the toes. These massage chairs tend to envelope an individual in a cushiony chair that serves to embrace the individual in order to massage their body’s. These chairs focus on the neck, shoulders, and beyond and can be a great addition for those that have problem areas across the body. Usually more expensive than localized chair options, these chairs provide a well-rounded experience in massage.

The Upper Half

Another option that an individual has in a massage chair is the upper body massage option. This chair, as the name suggests, focuses on the upper half of the body. That means that there is no feet and leg massage. There is instead a focus on the upper portion of the body. This chair is great for those that do not have problems in the lower region of the body or who are not in need of a lot of focus in this area. Because the chair is more localized, these options in massage chairs tend to be less bulky and can be less expensive as well.

The Bottom Half Chair

Just as there is an upper half of the body chair, there are also massage chairs that focus on the lower region. These chairs tend to have massagers in the buttocks through the lower legs. These chairs may have massagers in the upper half of the chair but they are minimal. There is no focus on the arms and the upper body, especially the head. Like the upper half body chairs, these tend to be less expensive than the full body massage chairs. They also tend to be less bulky, too. Bottom-half chairs may feature a reclining option that allows the individual to lean back in an angled position. This is dependent on the selection itself.

How to Choose

These chairs are just a few of the different options on the market. They may also be coupled with other features as well. For instance, a full body chair may have a heat function or it may not. This is dependent on the make and model, as well as manufacturer and the chair’s equipped technologies. One of the best ways to decide which type of chair is right is to look at what area of the body you want to focus on. If, for example, you have neck and shoulder pain, a lower body focused chair will likely disappoint. If, though, you want to focus on the upper body, a full body or upper half chair may be perfect for your needs.

It is also important when choosing a chair for therapeutic needs that you discuss your purchase with your doctor. You want to make sure that you are choosing from among massage chairs that will help and not hinder your pain relief and progress. Your medical team or your therapist should be able to provide some guidance in this area and may make the decision of which to buy even easier for you to make.