2 Ways To Prepare and Upload Content To Get Free Instagram Views.

News 07:04 April 2024:

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Everyone joins Instagram to share their photos and videos to their friends and families as they interact. The notion that pictures speak more than words, you have to post relevant photos that are aligned to your friends that will keep the engagement going. After posting several pictures and you are still not getting many free Instagram views and likes, reconsider the way you are posting that content. It may be right, yes, but the way you are posting is failing to draw the attention of your followers to respond back. Understand the following methods as you try to post quality content that will ignite your followers to give you the free Instagram views you have lacked in the recent past. This is achieved via several applications that are available online for you to choose from. They will enable you to group your photos in a framework that will draw the attention of your followers. Some apps enhance your Instagram videos, but this article will focus on the pictures part.




Those using  Android phones can download it easily from the AppStore on their phone and is free to use. When you proceed to open the app, click on the first option at the top menu. Various styles of posting the many photos will be displayed from horizontal style, vertical, a random one or just a freestyle one. On choosing one style that can accommodate your photos, click on it and you will be directed to your phone gallery you want to edit and fit in the selected grid you want to accommodate your photos. Go over the pictures in the gallery as you pick the ones that you want to incorporate in the chosen frame. You can select up to only nine photos. After a careful selection, click on the ‘next ‘button. You will be taken to the frame you intend to post the selected photos.

Consider picking detailed photos to enable your follower’s track of your story without even you typing a word. It is you to determine which photo comes first or the main picture in the frame that will make the photo grid beautiful and catch the attention of your followers. Ensure that the background stands out with an excellent choice of color. Try several frames before you settle on the best one that will bring out the best of your pictures.

If you are convinced with the final picture and the design, click on the done button to save that particular grid into a specified folder in your phone. Take a look at it and see if it is pleasing to you and you feel comfortable posting it. Go ahead and post that picture to your followers now. You are guaranteed to get more free Instagram views, and likes from your followers who may have in the past got bored by you posting many single photos that used to fill their timelines. You followers will concentrate more on that because they get to see many pictures at once without having to scroll several times down.f2

The Instagram app;

From your play store, search for these apps and download it. Open the app on your device which will display a screen of sample frames based on the photos you intend to out in the frame. Unlike the picture grid app, the maximum amount of pictures here is up to 5. Choose a blank template, and you will be directed to your gallery. Select the five photos you intend to input in your Instagram.  Always choose the best pictures and now proceed to editing. Use the options on the lowers screen far left to resize the pictures and change the background if you see it as necessary. The button option at the far right enables you to replace that picture if you see it not fitting with the rest and upload a relevant one. Get the right color for your background to create harmony and make the entire grid stand out. There are many effects to choose, and you can export those not on Instagram and apply to your picture if it is okay and make them more appealing.

Another fantastic feature here is the “doodles” button that allows you to write or draw on the face of the photos. Instead of writing the caption under the picture while posting, the button allows you to write on the very photo. Write on the side that will not block your followers from seeing the picture and get the intended message you want to pass across. Make sure the caption is related to the grid to avoid confusing your friends. If satisfied with the grid and you see no need to incorporate other editing, click on the “Done” button to located on the bottom screen to save that photo. Proceed to share it on Instagram for your followers to view and like it. It is easy to engage your followers now with the photos together because everyone will be interested in going through the story from the first to the last posted picture. Even those scrolling down fast and likely to miss seeing your profile will be pulled to scroll back if you choose correct colors that made the photos amazing. You will get more free Instagram views from such people who never noticed your account previously.


From the above use of other applications to enhance your Instagram experience, you will realize that they are mainly meant for Android users. Other operating systems too have applications that will improve your Instagram experience. Check respective app stores for respective phone operating systems to get similar programs because they are there. The applications are free, and you don’t have to go out seeking for vendors to purchase the likes, views, and followers in the pursuit to reclaim your face on this social media platform. Incorporate these simple apps as you try other measures like increasing your followers and get more free Instagram views. Diverse it with several videos and single close up photos to reduce the monotony of the combined picture content.