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October 17 2012

If you fell in love with the adorable girls that play Connie Britton’s daughters on Nashville last week you aren’t the only one! The girls are amazingly talented and are thrilled to be working on Nashville with Connie and the rest of the cast. The recently gave an interview to the Huffington Post and talked about what it’s like to be working on a tv show and more. Here’s what the girls had to say about Connie.

Are you happy to have Connie Britton as your TV mom?
Lennon: Oh my god. She’s one of the sweetest people I know.
Maisy: She’s like the best TV mom ever. She is so sweet. She gives off such a good vibe.
Lennon and Maisy (in unison): She is so sweet. [Both laugh.]

(Read the Full Interview)

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